Customs Direct or Indirect Representation?


Customs Direct or Indirect Representation? 

Irish Exporters have been required to make Irishexport declarations for their goods when they are delivered to the UK sinceJanuary 1st of this year.   

Irish exporters are often required to ship theirgoods…Delivery Duty Paid (DDP), which means they must account for the import inthe United Kingdom.   For Irish exporters who have a presence in Britain,that is address, tax registration and an EORI number they can file Britishdeclarations under their own name, but for the Irish exporter who doesn’t have a presence in the United Kingdom they are compelled to sell their goods under DDP (Incoterm), this can be major headache.   

In such a case the only method for Irish companies tohandle British import declarations is to use the services of a customsclearance agent to make declarations on their behalf.  

“Indirectrepresentative” this means that an agent operates in their own name and onbehalf of a customer, this is known as indirect representation. Indirect agentswork attentively with the company they are supporting.   

With “Direct Representation” the legal obligations aredifferent, and the customs agent assumes joint responsibility for the importtaxes.   

At ICLS we usean automated system for customs declarations as an indirect representative wecan provide import declarations for your company and have your goods delivered on time every time.    

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