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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customs clearance?

Customs Clearance is the neccessary process required to permit goods to be imported or exported internationally whether by sea, air or road.

What services do you provide?

We handle all aspects of customs clearance, documentation, paperwork and international customs clearance also consultancy and advice.

Where can I find a customs agent near me?

ICLS is based in Co Mayo. We work with clients throughout Ireland, UK Europe and Worldwide in a wide variety of industries, companies, and private individuals.

What are customs clearance fees?

Customs clearance fees are charged by your customs agent at the time of arrival to the destination port or entry. The customs clearance fee is charged in exchange for preparing and submitting the documentation for your import or export.

How do I make a customs declaration?

Customs declarations must be made electronically. AEP (Automated Entry Processing (AEP) system). is the system used for the completion of customs related procedures in an elctronic format. The system checks data format, validations and restrictions. 

As your Agent we use dedicated software for making electronic declarations to Revenue AEP system, saving you time and money so you can focus on your core business.


If you need help or have a question simply contact us on the details below we are ready to help.


094 901 4077 | Dublin: 01 484 7059 |

UK Helpline: 

0044 28 203 60062


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