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Making Customs Simple



Having an easy customs solution process through ICLS for your business, helps you cut through the intricacy of the customs clearance process keeping your goods moving easily avoiding any unnecessary delays or disruptions. With an automated formula, export and import declarations are automatically compliant with EU/UK regulations.   

By transferring export data electronically from the exporter and collecting import data from importer gives accuracy to the import process and allowing your shipments move smoothly without delay.   

Changes in 2022   

  • From 1st January2022 ,Import customs declarations required for all goods and deferred clearances are no longer possible. Customs checks on impor
  • Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) mandatory for imports into the UK 
  • Pre-notification for products of animal origin (POAO) and documentary checks on the UK IPAFFS system 
  • From 1st July 2022  

Safety and Security declarations (ENS) required for all UK imports 

Export Health Certificate required for POAO 

  • Pre-notification for Sanitary and Phytosanitary products on the UK IPAFFS system 
  • Physical checks at the Border Control Posts for animals and POAO, plus plants and plant products 
  • In addition,traders can continue to utilise the postponed VAT mechanism, whereby import VAT only must be accounted for, but not paid at the time of the entry into the UK. 

If goods qualify for the Rules of Origin, zero duty tariffs may be applicable on both EU and UK entries. The importer is obliged to prove the preferential origin with a"Statement on origin" provided by the exporter, alternatively withrecords fulfilling the criteria defined by "Importers knowledge". 


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